Are you a woman or transperson who:
• is 18 years of age or older,
• has been categorized as obese by healthcare providers, friends and family, or by yourself, and
• is interested in discussing your weight-related experiences of trying to get pregnant?
Then YES you are eligible to participate!

Interviews will last about 1-2 hours.
The interviews are designed to be conversational and will be guided by a number of open-ended questions. Every interview is different, all answers will contribute to our knowledge, and there are no correct answers. We will explore issues about your conception care; any negative, or positive treatment you may have experienced due to your weight; and feelings about your body.  You do not have to answer questions you feel uncomfortable answering. You can walk away from the interview any time.  
After the interview phase, some participants may also choose to participate in the digital storytelling component of the study and will be guided in making a 2-3 minute film about their experiences of conception-related care. This option is only available for participants in Guelph and Toronto.  For more general information on digital storytelling, click here. For more information on digital storytelling related to this study, contact Andrea Lamarre at



Participants will receive a grocery store gift certificate for participating in this study.

Information gathered in this research study may be published or presented in public forums; however your name and other identifying information will not be used or revealed. You will only be referred to by a study number and pseudonym.  Any information that includes your real name will be stored in a locked file cabinet that only the researchers can access and destroyed within 5 years. Study staff sign confidentiality forms that require them to keep all names and other potential identifying information confidential. Despite efforts to keep your personal information confidential, absolute confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

The risks for participating in this study are minimal. Talking about discrimination may be upsetting for you. If needed, the research staff can direct you to telephone counseling services.

You may find it helpful to discuss your conception care experiences. By participating in the study, you may also contribute to education and policy change that will help guide sensitive and ethical conception care for women considered obese.