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Dr. Carla Rice holds a Tier-II Canada Research Chair in Care, Gender and Relationships. This has enabled her to develop a research program examining the dynamics of physical differences, focusing on understanding and positively intervening in misconceptions and marginalization within social and healthcare encounters of women, men and trans people who embody differences. Using innovative arts-based research methodologies, her research aims to uncover the psychological, social, and cultural roots and consequences of exclusionary attitudes and actions, and to identify possible pathways for change with policy and practice implications and recommendations. Part of this research program included the development of REDLAB, a mobile media arts lab, and Project Re•Vision, which uses the research-creation method of digital storytelling to foster changes in health care practitioners’ understanding of disability and perception of disabled people to improve access and quality of care. The project also develops digital storytelling as a methodology, as well as enabling the production of digital stories as high-quality and deeply meaningful artistic works. Dr. Rice has conducted hundreds of workshops and presentations with diverse groups across Canada and around the world, published in multiple forums, and been awarded numerous grants. Her career total of publications, presentations, and grants is 233. Her work has achieved international recognition for its innovative approach to promoting inclusion and equity and reflects her passions for bringing diverse groups together and creating welcoming spaces and meaningful relationships.

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Andrea LaMarre is a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar (CIHR) and PhD student in the Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition at the University of Guelph. She received her BA Honours in Sociology in 2012 and her MSc. in Family Relations and Human Development in 2014. During her Masters program Andrea held an Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2012-2013) and an Ontario Women’s Health Scholar’s Award (2013-2014). Her MSc. thesis focused on the experiences of young women in eating disorder recovery using narrative and arts-based methods to explore the ways in which standards for recovery may intersect with dominant discourses for health and wellness in potentially problematic ways.